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The Digital Studio 

You can now experience classes from your home, office, or anywhere you have a computer, smartphone, or connected TV. The Digital Studio puts you on a mat, where you can move with me– in real time and on demand.

I first discovered yoga with Claudia about 2 weeks into lockdown and I've  honestly never looked back! Every flow is different and I get so excited each week to practice. The hour is filled with a yummy flow and I love that Claudia modifies the poses for all different levels during the flow (especially as im more of a beginner)  and I always finish a class feeling uplifted, happier and completely at peace. The home retreats are also absolutely amazing, its 2 hours filled with joy, going on a physical and mental journey and being connected to yourself and Claudias soothing voice will guide you the whole way whilst also pushing you out of your comfort zone and helping each and every person to grow from within.  If you're looking to do yoga, find peace and have a wonderful teacher with a huge heart, look no further



A new year reset doesn't need to be about fixing ourselves or reaching some lofty goal. What if each new year served as a reminder to *reconnect* with ourselves? With our natural essence. This series has been a labour of love, you will learn tools and practices to move your energy, soothe your nervous system, process your emotional materials, opening the doors to a clear, calm, and centerd 2023.


 The 10 session series will explore what alive for us in the moment,  it will get sweaty if you want it to and it will soften at times. Everything will be an invitation. It will be whatever it needs to be, and your body already knows what that is. I hope you'll join me for these very special ten days of movement, all bodies, ages, and abilities are welcome. 



Whether you’ve found yourself feeling unmotivated after a period of indulgence, or are preparing for a new chapter, or are simply interested in living better, know that this 21-Day Meditation Challenge aims to bring you into a healthier relationship with your body, your mind and your spirit.


Give yourself the greatest gift you could ever receive: peace, as you are guided through this challenge that will support you for the rest of your life. You'll be taught exactly what to do every step of the way, including how to continue using this simple, structured practice way beyond this time together.

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The cleanse is a 10-day yoga, mindful movement and meditation series designed to help you feel the best from the inside out. Detoxify the body with easy to follow recipes and daily curated movement sessions that are designed to support the fluctuating energy levels and emotions you may experience during each day of The Cleanse. Reset the mind with daily motivation emails and recharge the spirit with mindful rituals and tools for wellness. 



  • The Cleanse E-Book: New recipes, grocery lists, and daily nutritional plans that are a blend of seasonal and anti-inflammatory eating.

  • Daily Movement Sequences led by Claudia Mirallegro. Each daily sequence is specifically designed to support where you are at throughout your progression of The Cleanse to elevate this full 360 degree journey.

  • Techniques for handling cravings, mindful routines, and rituals to replace the habits that have not been supporting your wellness goals.


A series to expand your own physical capacity while freely moving to fierce music. These classes will be a dance between flow and stability, grace and strength, soften and bravery where we will be working through four archetypes: The Goddess, The Wild, The Creator, The Queen/King. 


Archetypes (as deeply explored by famed psychologist Carl Jung) are primordial symbols and images that live inside of the collective unconscious and inside of each individual psyche. By working with these powerful symbols, we can bring forth aspects of our being to help us step into our full potential. When we call forth the archetypes inside of our being, whilst combining dynamic, expressive movement, we step into a more integrated and dimensional experience of life. 


Includes: 4x 60minute Mandala Vinyasa Yoga

*after booking, please sign in and view from Practice - Archetypes


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Through movement, meditation and reflection, this self-study offering will deepen your understanding of how your mind functions: when it’s working for you, when it’s working against you, and how to awaken to a higher level of consciousness. There are four modules : Thought, Pattern, Disruption, Practice X three practices per module: Practice, Restore, Integration. After each module the invitation is take one week to practice your learnings *videos will be released weekly.


Includes: 4x 60minute Mandala Vinyasa Yoga, 4x 25 minute Restorative Yoga, 4x 15 minute Meditation & Reflection Exercises

*after booking, please sign in and view from Practice - Movement Is Medicine

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The elemental bundle invites students to invoke the energy of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Through strong, challenging mandala vinyasa practices and simmering, cooling restoration sessions, participants challenge the body and restore the mind. The result is an expansive, heart-clearing and body-strengthening release. They will challenge and enlighten you all while building a resilient body and whilst learning tools to empower your life.


Includes: 4x 45 minute Mandala Vinyasa Yoga, 4x 25 minute Restorative Yoga, 2x 10 minute Tutorials

*after booking, please sign in and view from Practice - Elemental Bundle

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