What is The Movement Is Medicine bundle?

  • Through movement, meditation and reflection, this self-study offering will deepen your understanding of how your mind functions: when it’s working for you, when it’s working against you, and how to awaken to a higher level of consciousness.

  • There are four modules : Thought, Pattern, Disruption, Practice. And there are three practices per module: Practice, Restore, Integration. After each module the invitation is take one week to practice your learnings, which is why the videos will be released weekly. 

  • Follow along with every video using The Workbook, which can be printed or paired with your own journal.

The Intention?

  • To create any kind of change (with self, relationships, work, or society), awareness of your thoughts and patterns creates the foundation for a shift to take place.

  • You’ll learn the tools required to uncover your thoughts, that lead to the patterns that limit your quality of life. 

  • You’ll learn how to disrupt what isn’t supporting you and become more skilled at returning to the present moment. 

  • From there, you will be more capable of attaining the change you desire.

  • The way forward is inward. 

What Included?

  • 11 videos including Mandala Practices, Restorative Yoga session, Meditations and Journalling. 

  • The Workbook, which can be printed or paired with your own journal.

  • Weekly integration exercises through expression, reflection, and ritual.

  • Support and accountability through Digital Students Facebook Page.

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