Welcome to your 21 day Meditation Challenge 

I’m so SO happy you’ve decided to take my 21-day challenge and give yourself the greatest gift you could ever receive: a calm mind.

I’ll be your personal guide through this challenge as you develop a meditation practice that will support you the rest of your life. I’ll teach you exactly what to do every step of the way, including how to continue using this simple, structured practice way beyond our 21 days together. Staying committed to this 21-day challenge will help you elevate every area of your life.

Thank you for showing up for this life-changing journey. I can’t wait to support you every step of the way.


Your journey to become more connected to you and the world around you starts right now. 


Carve out 10 to 20 minutes a day for your meditation practice. Each day you’ll receive a message with your new meditation. Press play on the audio and let me be your guide.



During the course of 21 days, there will also be daily promts designed to help you deepen your practice. Inspired, creative and beautiful messages often come through while free-writing following a meditation.



The Meditation Challenge will be available via movewithmirallegro.com/medititation  



Want to spread your good intentions in the world? Invite your friends to join you in the Meditation Challenge! Tag @mirallegro with #MeditationChallenge and let everyone know you’re committed to your new practice.


  • It’s okay to feel restless or fidgety at first with meditations where you’re sitting down. You don’t have to be sitting like the people in stock photos, cross-legged on the ground with your back perfectly straight. Get comfortable on your couch. Do what works for you!

  • You can definitely expect random thoughts to pop into your head while you’re meditating. We’re human—that’s just how our minds work. (Also, all the practices in the Meditation Challenge include super clear guidance, so don’t worry.)

  • Finally, remember that meditation is a practice. Any discomfort or self-consciousness you feel at first will fade as you become a more confident meditator. So if the awkwardness hits, welcome it with open arms!

As we go through our 21-day Meditation Challenge together, you’ll get to try out different kinds of meditation. Some practices are likely to resonate with you more than others, and that’s great! I just ask that you follow the 21-day program and let me guide you.