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with Jamie Walsh & Claudia Mirallegro

Ibiza Retreat | 10-17th October 2021

Wild Hearts… Come forth!

‘Essence’ -the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something.

‘Wild’ - the natural state, where we are innately connected. 

Your wild essence is the purest part of who you are. You are the embodiment of a unique expression of Spirit. Your gifts are yours only, to be revealed, celebrated and shared.This is our responsibility and our truest work in this lifetime.


Join us in magical Ibiza for a healing week of honouring your divinity and essence. We will support you in transforming anything limiting you shining at your brightest. And in turn, rejoice with joy, as one, in unity and community with us.


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Please be aware the order of the schedule will change slightly as we are always dependent on so many variables, but we will be able to provide a solid programme closer to the retreat.  


75 minute vinyasa class - exploring the dynamic shapes and mobility within our bodies, stimulating the relationship between flow and stability, grace and strength, softness and bravery. These progressive sessions will not only work towards peak poses but will create moments that uplift, inspire, encourage and empower YOU - it’s time to remember your resilience, honour your sovereignty and celebrate what you are capable of.


Using local, seasonal ingredients to create a delicious, varied and healing vegan menu. Which will balance and clear the body whilst stimulating the palate. A combination of fresh juices and smoothies will also be available every day. 

11am - 6pm - EXPLORATION

This space is going to be filled with something different each day. But this is the time for exploring the world outside of us whether that is through secret hiking excursions or exploring the world within us via workshops such as breathwork. Rest assured this time is for you to expand, explore and express your true essence. 


60 minute Yin class, gracefully acknowledging the beauty of stillness and softness whilst tuning in to your internal energy centres. You’ll tap into neglected areas of your body through meditation and long supportive holds. Exploring those aspects of your life that no longer serve the grandest vision of your Soul. The work of planting these seeds of balance may feel subtle, but when deeply rooted there is potential for profound change.


Detoxify the body with healthy, inspiring recipes curated to compliment movement sessions. Each meal will leave you feeling nourished from the inside out. Always prepared with love and thought, we believe food is the first step to healing. All of our menus are vegan, often raw and the food is colourful, vibrant and nutritious - you will always be excited and satisfied!

*Note that on one evening we will go out for dinner, so only 5 dinners are included*



Jamie Walsh
Jamie has been in the health and wellness industry for almost a decade. First exploring fitness through personal training, then a bachelors in Nutritional Science, and finally after five years of practicing Yoga in the UK and in Crete, she did her YTT in Mysore India and has been teaching ever since. From 500hr of Ashtanga Vinyasa to then exploring Vinyasa flow and Yin.

Jamies style of teaching has transcended into a movement journey which is dynamic and strong but soft, a mantra which she uses on and off the mat to include the sensual and soft part of ourselves and honouring the strength at the same time. Jamie has practiced and taught retreats since 2016 in Crete at Yoga Plus, Spain at Suryalila, Raw Horizons in UK and Inner Beauty retreat in Ibiza, where she now lives and is able to share the most magical spaces and places. 

Claudia Mirallegro
With a backbone in health and wellness and an affinity for adding joy, light, and strength wherever she goes, Claudia @Mirallegro is an international yoga and meditation teacher and it is through her classes and online platform that she helps uplift, inspire, encourage and empower her community.

Claudia learned that her internal compass was grounded in her ability to self-regulate with movement and music. Driven by a sense of connection to spirituality, she immersed herself in different rituals, mindfulness training and cathartic practices, unknowingly seeding the foundation for her teachings and world wide retreats - where her highest hope is that students leave feeling more alive, more awake, and more connected to themselves and their true essence


  • Pricing for bunk bed in gypsy wagon (4 people) -  £990

  • Pricing for bunk bed in twin room -  £1090

  • Pricing for double bedroom - (based on 2 people sharing a double bed) - £1190

  • Pricing for double bedroom (non sharing) - £1390


  • Pricing for tippi tent 2 x double beds (based on 2 people sharing a double bed) - £990

  • Pricing for tippi tent double bed (based on 2 people sharing a double bed)- £1090

  • Pricing for tippi tent double bed (non sharing) - £1290


  • Pricing for caravan (based on 2 people sharing a double bed) - £1090

  • Pricing for caravan (non sharing) - £1190


  • 7 nights stay at Casa Ra Del Sol 

  • 3 vegan/ vegetarian meals per day 

  • 2 daily yoga classes per day + extra workshops

  • A guided hike, discovering secret locations

  • Breathwork and Ceremonial Cacao Ceremony

  • Sharing circles and shamanic rituals

  • Guided meditation and chanting evening

  • Access to a wide range incredible additional therapies and treatments



  • Flights to Ibiza (approx £200 return)

  • Airport transfers

  • Dinner on one night we’ll go for Sunset dinner



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