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October 19th - 26th, 2022

Autumnal island retreat, in Greece

Coming home to yourself,

practices for times of transition.

Join Claudia Mirallegro and Tegan McLoud for a 7-day retreat in the mountains of Lefkada.

“Retreat” — comes from the Latin “retrahere” meaning ‘to pull back.’

“πνεῦμα” — ancient Greek word for "breath", and in a spiritual context, for "soul".

This retreat marks an opportunity for connection, serenity and deep restoration, as we integrate the energies of the summer and the transitions of your year, with our beautiful autumnal island retreat in Greece. Through movement, meditation, contemplation and community we will have time to slow down and re-earth—to taste and delight in the natural world and ourselves. By experiencing a variety of self-love practices, you will be given the tools to come home to YOU, unlocking and rejoicing in your own hidden powers, letting go of what we don’t need, and gaining a more authentic awareness of your soul’s path forwards.

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Embodied vinyasa

exploring the dynamic shapes and mobility within our bodies, stimulating the relationship between flow and stability, grace and strength, softness and bravery. These progressive sessions will not only work towards peak poses but will create moments that uplift, inspire, encourage and empower YOU - it’s time to remember your resilience, honour your sovereignty and celebrate what you are capable of.


Nourishing breakfast

Using local, seasonal ingredients to create a delicious, varied and healing vegan menu. Which will balance and clear the body whilst stimulating the palate. A combination of fresh juices and smoothies will also be available every day. 


Afternoon activities

This space is going to be filled with something different each day. But this is the time for exploring the world outside of us whether that is through secret hiking excursions or exploring the world within us via workshops such as breathwork. Rest assured this time is for you to expand, explore and express your true essence. 

Restorative yin

Yin class, gracefully acknowledging the beauty of stillness and softness whilst tuning in to your internal energy centres. You’ll tap into neglected areas of your body through meditation and long supportive holds. Exploring those aspects of your life that no longer serve the grandest vision of your Soul. The work of planting these seeds of balance may feel subtle, but when deeply rooted there is potential for profound change.

Family dinner

Detoxify the body with healthy, inspiring recipes curated to compliment movement sessions. Each meal will leave you feeling nourished from the inside out. Always prepared with love and thought, we believe food is the first step to healing. All of our menus are vegan, often raw and the food is colourful, vibrant and nutritious - you will always be excited and satisfied!

*Note that on one evening we will go out for dinner, so only 5 dinners are included*



When you travel to Lefkada on the Western sphere of Greece, you not only arrive at a destination, you travel to a different frequency. Escape to a crystalline Ionian Sea and panoramic views of mountains and nature - a deeply meaningful setting for spiritual experiences and wellness rituals.

The retreat centre, nestled in the heart of a hilltop is set across 3 luxurious villas, each with their own infinity pool - an idyllic setting to help you pull back from your daily lives. Within the villa's grounds, you’ll find an abundance of space, including mediterranean gardens with ancient olive trees to meditate amongst, multiple pretty terraces and the luxury of being 5 minute walk from the beach. Alongside indoor and outdoor yoga shalas and ceremonial spaces, you’ll find large family style kitchens, therapy rooms, shady lounges and gorgeous communal eating spaces.


Each room is comfortable, refined and airy, designed to help you sleep deeply and peacefully, and consequently get the most out of your stay.


Double Bed
Double Occupancy
£1,400 per person

Two Twin Beds
Double Occupancy
£1,500 per person


Double Bed
Single Occupancy
£2,200 per person


Claudia Mirallegro The Cleanse 3.jpg

Claudia Mirallegro
With a backbone in health and wellness and an affinity for adding joy, light, and strength wherever she goes, Claudia @Mirallegro is an international yoga and meditation teacher and it is through her classes and online platform that she helps uplift, inspire, encourage and empower her community.

Claudia learned that her internal compass was grounded in her ability to self-regulate with movement and music. Driven by a sense of connection to spirituality, she immersed herself in different rituals, mindfulness training and cathartic practices, unknowingly seeding the foundation for her teachings and world wide retreats - where her highest hope is that students leave feeling more alive, more awake, and more connected to themselves and their true essence

Tegan McLeod
Tegan, a 500RYT yoga instructor, has a background in the arts. Having taught and trained in yoga and creative writing extensively in the United States, from Texas to New York, she now resides and teaches in Manchester, UK.

Tegan is passionate about the connection between our bodies in flow and how we interact with the world around us. Her vision is one of healing and empowerment—for all bodies, all abilities, all backgrounds. Tegan’s teaching will combine invigorating and playful movement with an authentic curiosity towards a higher purpose. Her deepest desire is for her students to nurture a genuine and revolutionary kind of awareness of their own power—and be able to take this kind of self-justice off the mat into the rest of the world. Her 


Holistic facials will be on offer as an extra. 
Ksenija, a qualified beautician and facial massage expert will be offering a range of facial treatments  to complete your journey into self and soul care. 

With an emphasis on lymphatic drainage the treatments will focus on deep tissue facial massage, designed to eliminate stress and tensions, whilst improving skin elasticity and tone. Immediate natural facelifting effect, as well as a best night sleep guaranteed.

Policies + FAQs

Where is The Retreat held?

Villa Theia Lefkada Retreat


When does the retreat begin?

Check in begins at 3pm Wednesday, October 19, 2022.
Programming begins at 10pm for Opening Circle and Meditation. 


What time does programming end? 

Programming ends at 10am on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.
Check out time is 12pm.


How do I register for treatments?

You will receive a booking form one week prior to the retreat. 


What is included?

6 full days and 7 nights stay 

2 vegan/ vegetarian meals per day 

2 daily yoga classes per day + extra workshops

Guided hike

Breathwork session

Sharing circles 

Guided meditation and Nidra evening


What is not included?

Flights to Preveza PVK (approx £200 return)

Airport transfers

Facial treatments and massage

Catamaran or Sailing Yacht Tour

Sunset restaurant dinner


Suggested Packing List

Yoga Mats will be provided

Fitness / Yoga clothes

Layers for the evening

Comfortable walking shoes


Reusable / refillable water bottle​



Dietary Allergies

All our meals will be vegetarian and vegan, and most importantly delicious.
If you did not submit any dietary allergies during registration, please let us know as soon as you can by emailing


Are yoga mats provided?

Yes, yoga mats and props are provided. 


Are afternoon activities required?

Everything during The Retreat is optional. The programming is designed to be cumulative. This week is about taking care of YOU. Please do what feels best and right for your body and spirit. 


What is the Cancellation Policy?

This retreat offering does not offer refunds for the deposit for any reason.

If you should need to cancel prior to the September 1st, 2022 payment deadline, you will not be responsible for the remainder of your payment.

Should you need to cancel on or after September 1st, 2022, the remainder of your payment must be paid in full. This retreat offering is not responsible for your expenses incurred in preparation for any canceled retreat, such as airline tickets, loss of work, and/or other costs associated with preparing for your trip.


When are remainders due?

Remainders are due one month prior to our start date on September 1st. 


I have more questions!

Email us at for any questions or concerns. 

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